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The word Istikhara straightforwardly implies, to request that Allah direct one to the correct kind of activity concerning a vocation or deed. ‘Khair’ signifies great (requesting that Allah manage you to the great or right answer). Which means you’re not requesting that Allah demonstrate to you a through a fantasy.

  • Before any major life decision, pray 2 rakah's of Salatul Istikhara.
  • When in doubt, pray Istikhara.
  • When it's God's will, he paves the way.
  • Pray Istikhara when making a decision.


We do offer awesome Online Istikhara Services

Free Istikhara

We offering free akhara when you choose one best thing between the two .Istakhara gives the right direction.

Rohani Ilaj

We will provide you the best suggestions for your problems with the reference of QURAN PAK and SUNNAH (SAW)

Powerful Wazifa

Wazifa is reciting specific verses of the Quran for a certain number of times and a certain number of days. It is used to gain Allah's help to solve any problem. If you want to solve any problem or you want Allah's help in gaining a specific goal, you can take help from Wazifa.

Black Magic Removal

The use of evil spirits and supernatural powers for selfish purposes is referred to as black magic. If you find out that you are suffering from black magic then remove it quickly because black magic can ruin your life.


ALLAH helps those who help others Allah give rewards to those who spend their money on the needy and poorer and Allah likes the hidden helps and fulfilled necessities.

Online Istikhara

lstikhara means, to ask Allah to guide us the right way regarding any matter in life. You should do istikhara when you are not sure about the results of something you are going to do. Doing istikhara can save you from destruction and bring happiness to your life


We'll solve your all rohani problems by Quran and do Istikhara for you.


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